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Setup guides

These pages are written primarily for our customers to be able to use their facilities to the full but also as answers to frequently asked questions relating to email packages and the internet on your desktop.

How to retrieve emails from your Khoosys account

If you have a webhosting account with Khoo Systems then you will also be able to retrieve emails @ your domain by using a mail client on your PC or Mac. We recommend that you use either Outlook on PC or Mail on a Mac. Please follow the instructions below, if you are experiencing technical difficulties then contact us.

Click here for instructions on how to setup Outlook on a PC to retrieve emails.

Click for instructions to setup your email on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

How to setup the Khoosys Webmail facility for your domain

Khoo Systems currently run a web mail facility from our servers that enables you to retrieve and send emails directly from a web browser. In order to use Webmail you must have the user name and password that was issued to you by Khoo Systems for login purposes. If you cannot remember these details please contact us

Click here for instructions on how to setup the Khoosys Webmail facility.

Click here to login into Khoosys Webmail.