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iPhone, iPad and other IOS devices

Incoming Email

On a Mac, go to Mail, Add Account: 

Email setup - Add Account

Choose "Other Mail Account...."

Email setup - Choose Provider

 Fill in your account details

Email setup - Add account image1

Add in to the incoming and outgoing mail server

Email setup - Add account image2


Click sign in and the account will add to your mail account.


Incoming Email

Server Type:     IMAP (or IMAPv4)
IMAP Server:
IMAP Server Port:     993
Use SSL:     Yes
IMAP Username:
IMAP Password:     Your email password
Prefix     INBOX (not often requested)


Outgoing Email (SMTP Server)

SMTP Server:
SMTP Server Port:     465
Use SSL:     Yes
Use Authentication     Yes
SMTP Username:
IMAP Password:     Your email password