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Google Pixel

This is how you set up mail on your Google Pixel:

*Please note this guide is based on a Google Pixel running Android version 8.1.0 and there may be differences between different versions of the Google Pixel.

1. On your Google Pixel, swipe down and click the gear icon to open Settings.

2. Tap on 'Users and accounts'.

3. Tap 'Add an account'.

4. Tap 'Personal (IMAP)'.

5. Type in your email address.

6. Type in your Password.

7. Change the Incoming Server to ''.

8. Tap 'NEXT'.

9. Change your outgoing SMTP server to ''.

10. Tap 'NEXT'.

11. You can set these options to your preference. However, we recommend that you set the 'Sync frequency' to 'Every 15 minutes' and to tick all three of the checkboxes.

12. Tap 'NEXT'.

13. You can change your account name here if you wish.

14. Tap 'NEXT' and you're done.